More Confidence and Friends From Improv

Spotlight on student Maggie O’Neill

Maggie started improv on the recommendation of a friend. After her first few classes, she says she called her mom and said, “It’s just like summer camp! We’re going to be friends forever.” Now a Level 5 student, she sat down with us and shared why she loves improv at Finest City Improv.

In Her Words

I work mostly with children, so it can be really isolating. I thought it would be a really great way to meet people. I also do stand-up comedy and thought it would help with those skills as well. So, I’m here!

I love all the friends I’ve made along the way. It [Improv] gave me a lot more courage to go back and do stand-up and really built my confidence up to be funny on the fly.

“Oh, I get to play! It’s my playtime now!”

That was the most important thing to me. You can do stand-up by yourself, and it’s really hard or it could be a little easier and more fun with other hilarious people.

You should expect to step outside your comfort zone but you’ll still feel safe doing so. And once you do that, your comfort zone gets a little bigger, you feel more confident to do other things.

What’s the difference between children playing on a playground and adults doing improv? Oh, there is none!

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This article is part of the Community Spotlight Series highlighting our amazing students, teachers, and performers.

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