Student Elijah Moore = Improv + Math!?

We love to hear from our students and our community. Elijah is one of those students who makes our community so much richer!

In His Own Words

My name is Elijah Moore, and I teach kids math.

The kids I work with who need help with math tend to either hate or fear math. Working with the kid on their fears is a hard thing to do. So in able to do that successfully I kind of have to make them feel comfortable with being vulnerable.

That’s something that we do on stage a lot and it’s something you do with other people. In improv, we do weird and awkward things. But we do it while making our teammates feel comfortable enough to do that! That absolutely translates into what I do.

I would definitely say improv has helped me in my everyday life. In improv, you’re purposefully going out and doing these kind of ridiculous and zany things. Things that if you did in your everyday life, you’d feel like a lot of guilt or shame about just doing that in front of other people.

I realized that when I found myself in those real life scenarios where I felt ashamed or regretted something I did or felt awkward in the moment, it let me realize just doesn’t really matter.

It feels really nice being supported no matter what you bring to the table. You spend a lot of time learning how to do that in the early classes. Growing with others in that space made me feel really confident in my ability just to be there for someone else in general. Now I find myself being a lot more confident in my social life in general.

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