Spotlight on Page Carmen

Page came to us in September of 2014. With a smile on her face, she quickly became known around FCI for seeing shows almost every night and becoming fast friends with her fellow students. We have seen a huge change in Page since we first met her. One of my … Read More

Go from fan to performer like Zach Kreinbrink

Zach in his own words In a way, I owe my obsession with all things comedy to religion. No, I didn’t have a “come to <insert deity>” moment, directing me towards the laughter or anything like that. But Dana Carvey’s Church Lady sketch from SNL, on the other hand? Pure … Read More

Find your way out of your rut like Valerie Maas

Finest City Improv has chosen kickass performer and house manager, Valerie Maas for our Student Spotlight. Hear her thoughts on improv, how she felt before her first level 1, and why everyone should try improv at least once. In Her Words: I am currently a level 4 student as well … Read More