Live in the moment like Skyler Lee!

Skyler is the kinda guy who makes you smile just by being in his presence. He has completed all of our core classes, currently rocks out with Musical Improv, and plays regularly on conservatory team “Where’s Brenda?”, as well as FCI’s featured show: Attack Of The Rotten Tomatoes. Skyler’s dedication … Read More

Find community like Hannah Jones did

We feel so lucky to have answered the call when a North Carolina gal was moving out west and wanted to find her new hometown theatre. She has a journey unlike most as she didn’t join Finest City as a brand new performer, but rather someone with lots of experience. … Read More

Laugh with strength like Tommy Moonie

Tommie is one beautiful lady in charge! How did she sharpen her communication skills, become a better listener, and find her inner strength? With Improv of course! “My only regret about Improv is that I wish I would’ve found it sooner in my life. ┬áThe lessons that I’m learning from … Read More

Say ‘Yes! And…’ to life like Amir Razeghi

Amir is an amazing blessing to our community. An aero-engineer by day, Amir came to Finest City to have fun and meet new friends. What he found along the way was not just a community, but a family that helped him grow. “Every weekend, I find myself here at shows, … Read More

Go with the flow like Jessica Farber!

Jessica is one of the most kind, down to earth, and kinetic people that we could have ever asked to join our community. One night after visiting her dad at the Lafayette Hotel, she noticed Finest City Improv’s sign and considered it a literal one from the universe to get … Read More

Embrace the present moment like Kevin Espiritu

Kevin’s a guy that likes to get his hands dirty– when he’s not on stage, you will find him deep in his garden or solving puzzles for fun. So you know he approaches improv the same way–diving in and using his brain! He will be graduating in just a few … Read More

Go For It like Angellyne De Perio did

We were so thrilled to be able to sit down with the one and only Angellyne to interview her on her creative journey she has embarked on through improv. She has graduated the FCI program, is involved in our sketch program, and can often be seen at shows or workshops. … Read More

Be an original like Jon Wright

Jon Wright is a quiet force, but a natural on the stage! He is consistently impressive with his comedic timing and dry wit. He is also one of our newest ensemble members on team Willis! This is…Jon Wright! Jon has lived in San Diego his whole life. He is a … Read More

Vera Didur shines her light in our Community Spotlight.

Vera Didur captivates the stage with her musical, sketch, and improv talent! This month, we shine the light on her to learn more about her love of improv, and start the case of her missing cat. This is…Vera Didur! Vera is an FCI graduate, a musical improviser, and a sketch … Read More