Jump in like Rachael Guerra

Rachael is in her final term of classes at Finest City Improv. She shares that her awesome class and amazing teachers who have guided her are her reasons that “she will never stop doing improv.” We are sad to see Rachael go but support her as her career is taking her all the way to New York City! That’s an awesome YES! And… Meet Rachael!

In Her Words:

I am a level five student here at Finest City Improv. I was just curious. I saw a show, and I was, like, “Maybe I want to try it, and I wanted to just do a weekend thing.” Wasn’t really sure, ended up loving it, and now I will never not do improv. It’s a little intimidating to come into a class, but the community here is so strong and supportive, and everyone here really just wants the best for everyone else, and they really want to see me grow. We did a student showcase, and we all walked off the stage just feeling like we had done something really special, and we had been implementing the hard work that we’ve been learning. And it was just natural. It felt fine and just so free, and the audience was engaged with us. We got all of our laughs. It just felt like we had finally reached this peak moment of where we’ve been learning and working hard, and it was paying off, and we were also having a great time on top of it. Teachers at Finest City Improv are the best. They’re so helpful and supportive, and they give you constructive feedback so you can grow, and they really pace with you where you’re at in your level, to make the theater what it is. My improv motto is to yes, and, because it opens up so many doors and to also just jump in. Leave your anxiety and your worries behind, and just go for it.

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