Play like a kid again like Mandy Griffith

Mandy Griffith is a Level 6 graduate and a proud member of the FCI community. That’s why she’s our Community Spotlight! Mandy’s Level 1 class stuck together from beginning to end, and now they’re all great friends who might have never found each other without taking that first step… signing up for improv! Learn more about Mandy’s journey through the FCI program by checking out the video below.

In Her Words:

I am a level six graduate, having started in level one and gone all the way through to the level six, with a couple of drop-ins in between. There is nothing that’s more inclusive than this improv community. It is a cross-section of individuals of all genders, identities, age groups. Our group that we started in level one together and we were successfully able to go all the way through level six, our eight people that, probably, with the exception of the married couple, would have never crossed paths in an average life. Having the improv background has given me an opportunity to yes, and, even at work and as somebody who works with closely with my colleagues and who used to supervise individuals, it even give me an opportunity to better connect with people. Improv is absolutely for everyone. Even if you don’t think that you can get on stage or you’re nervous about getting on stage, just being in classes and kind of breaking out of that shell, I think it allows you to develop different skills that you don’t always do. I think it allows you to see a different side of yourself. One thing that unites everybody coming to a level one class is the fact that they all made the commitment to at least try and make that first step. And so just commit to that. And it’s seven weeks of getting together and having fun and playing like a kid again and not caring about the troubles of the world or what’s going on, and then the heaviness of life right now. It’s just a way to get together in a very safe space. My improv motto is to get out of your head and yes, and, and just accept the things that are coming to you, the gifts that are being given by your scene partners and just yes, and, it, and you’re going to be amazed at the journey that you go on with your scene partner, and more importantly, the journey that you go on with yourself. So get out of your head and yes, and, for sure.

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This article is part of the Community Spotlight Series highlighting our amazing students, teachers, and performers.

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