Find your ‘hideout’ like Marty Burtwell

We got to chat with the one and only Marty Burtwell! He’s a stand-up comic who decided to try improv for fun once moving to San Diego, and he decided to stick around (he’s in Level 4!) for the community, support and performance opportunities!

About Marty:

This left-handed Pisces hails from Vancouver, Canada. He moved to San Diego about 10 months ago.

When it comes to hobbies and interests, Finest City Improv tops the list! Others include hot yoga, playing slo pitch, basketball, and he’s always trying to do the next right thing.


In His Own Words

I am now at level four at Finest City Improv.

Moved here about seven, eight months ago. I was questioning the move. Did I do this right? When I found Finest City, I went, “Oh, I made the right move. This is where I belong.

Every day I’m here something different is going on. So, from the scene to the people you meet, you come in here and you agree, there’s no one arguing. I mean yes and is the first thing you hear about from day one, and throwing yourself into it and just seeing it. And like in the blip, who cares what the outcome is. It’s always going to be enjoyable.

The levels you can get to in laughter is absolutely amazing. It blows me away. I don’t even do stand up anymore, because this is my hideout.

My Improv motto is listen, keep your sentences short, react and have a blast.

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