A Dedicated Man – Spotlight on Hudson Reynolds

Hudson is graduating next month from our Core Improv Program, and is currently studying Musical Improv as well. As a box office assistant, Hudson can be seen with his friendly smile in our lobby. He plays on an indie team called Earl Grey, and we think he’s just awesome! We chose him as this month’s student spotlight because of how his dedication and spirit shines through in everything he does. I felt lucky to teach the Discover Improv class that Hudson took that introduced him to FCI, and he still stands out just like he did back on that day!
Think about a goal, or who you want to be, and I guarantee improv is going to apply to that.Hudson Reynolds
Hudson is a Marine Corps veteran, a teacher, and a dear friend of FCI. We hope you enjoy our video spotlight on Hudson Reynolds!

In His Words:

Speaker: Intro things. Hudson: Fun character voice? Speaker: Yeah. I don’t know. Something like... Hudson: Kind of Southern guy who who likes to go around and doesn’t get things but he gets them, and he gives you the honest truth and the folksy wisdom. But he doesn’t understand computers, and all these cars, and all these flying jets, but he’ll still talk to you and he’ll set you straight. Something like that? Speaker: That’s perfect. My name is Hudson Reynolds. It wasn’t until I came to Finest City, where I realized there is so much more to this, to San Diego that I love. It’s a great skill. It’s a great thing to have in general, but it’s also been great in helping me become a better person. It was such an interesting experience because I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know anybody, and I can kind of tell from the energy and the expressions from everybody that, I don’t think anybody else really knew anybody else either. I’m just watching everybody develop, break out of their shell and also show me a part of them that I wouldn’t have expected and I don’t think they would have expected. Has been so awesome to watch. We’ve become attached and we create these close bonds, but then you break off, meet new people, like, “Oh, these people are awesome too.” So if anything, it just helps me, A, make new relationships and B, hold onto the ones that I’m already making. So, I would just say, think about a goal that you want to reach in life or who really you want to be and I guarantee you that in one way or another improv is going to apply to that.

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This article is part of the Community Spotlight Series highlighting our amazing students, teachers, and performers.

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