Go For It like Angellyne De Perio did

We were so thrilled to be able to sit down with the one and only Angellyne to interview her on her creative journey she has embarked on through improv. She has graduated the FCI program, is involved in our sketch program, and can often be seen at shows or workshops. Her class had the one and only Jesse Suphan as their level 1 teacher, and she attributes their success to his energy and involvement (he is now their post graduation coach!) When she’s not on stage, she is working from home in her PJs with Netflix, Hulu or Shaun of the Dead in the background. She also loves to play video games, board games, and mediocre pool. She loves being around passionate people and can’t help but get fired up when she hears about their dreams. She’s currently playing with some of her favorite people on two indie teams: Banana Foster Kids and Ya Hussies

P.S. She is super glad she decided to take a discover improv class

We love her beautiful smile, bubbly personality, and warm heart. She is supportive and playful on stage, which makes it so easy to see why she was this month’s spotlight!

Learn more about Angellyne by watching her short video here:

In Her Words:

I was looking for just a fun way to get my creativity out, and just kind of break the routine of everyday adult life. Yeah, I just looked up improv classes in San Diego and found FCI, and did a drop in and then I loved it. My boyfriend, Joe and I take improv together. I actually dragged him out to the drop in class with us. It was really great because I felt right away like, oh I have someone in the room that supports me. The overwhelming support from my teacher and the fellow students was already there, so that was amazing. Then yeah, just being able to have that creative partner during improv classes and then afterwards. Talking about all the fun things we learned and using those fun practices. Forcing them upon our friends when we hang out is an added bonus of bringing improv into my personal life. Level one teachers here at Finest City are so fantastic. Jesse Suphan was a wonderful, magical being. Like embraced every person, every person’s unique traits, every person’s awkwardness, every person’s hesitance to be in improv. Just amped it up to like level 1200, and each teacher that I’ve had since then has been so supportive. It gives you kind of that brave push to really trust yourself and your ideas. To go out there and make cool stuff. My improv motto is to go for it. Just follow your foot onto the stage, be bold, be brave and figure the rest of it out later. Make yourself laugh. Make your teammates laugh and just do stuff that would be interesting to you. Most of all just play. It’s all fun. It’s all just having fun and bringing more joy to your life and everyone else’s life.

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This article is part of the Community Spotlight Series highlighting our amazing students, teachers, and performers.

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