Jesse Suphan


  • What are your other hobbies? Hiking, Happy Hours, avoiding long term incarceration.

  • If you weren’t doing improv, where would you be? That is a terrible question to think about, but probably doing stand-up on a cruise ship. I am not talking a nice one either, one of the cruise lines that is constantly having breakouts of rare diseases and the shrimp cocktail has a warning sign.

  • What is your favorite improv scene you’ve been in? I would have to say my personal favorite was a with Minor Suspension, my musical improv team. I was playing with Kasey and I kept singing the opposite of what she was saying. It felt great, people really loved it and I am pretty sure we got a standing ovation (if you count two people out of 20, and I do)

  • Who is your comedy idol? If I had to pick one I would say Margaret Cho I have been obsessed with her from the age of 16 until… well just the other day when I drove by her house.

  • 10 words or less of what improv means to you? Experiencing joy daily through playtime with some amazing people. Purple! (I get ten)

  • Where will you be in 10 years? I will be an attorney fighting for the rights of the less than fortunate. That or a truck driver you never know how life turns out. Accept it and say “Yes And”.

  • Anything else we should know? I genuinely want you to be happy.


Jesse excels at introducing new students to the joy of improvisation!  If you find yourself in his Level 1 class be ready for hours of laughter and love! He is a graduate of Finest City Improv and has studies with dozens of top improv teachers from around the country. He also helps facilitate Applied Improv programs for companies.  He is the founder and director of IMPRIDE, the nation’s first LGBTQi improv festival.


Jesse performs most Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm with our Pro League. He also plays with indie duos BJ with Bridget Cavaiola and Hardy Boys with Kat Brown.