Games, Games, Games: Have even more fun with our Short Form Class!

Games, Games, Games! Love long-form improv? Want to learn a brand new skill and snag even more stage time? Then join us for our re-vamped Short Form Games class taught by Gary Ware! “Short form” improv is a style all of its own, and it’s tons of fun! Learn the art of short form games and play. It’s a great addition to your long form training, or just for an extra chance to experience on stage fun in a different way. Some of the many skills taught in this elective include: 1. Confidence while hosting and setting up games 2. Ability to quickly … Read More

Founder of Finest City Improv, Amy Lisewski, Teaches Masterclass!

improv workshop with amy lisewski

  Amy Lisewski, founder of Finest City Improv, will be teaching a three-hour workshop titled “Love This Very Moment” on October 8th from 11am-2pm. Love more of your scenes by living fully in each moment with your scene partner(s).  Forget being interesting to your audience and simply be interested in your scene partner.  Double down on active listening, agreement, and responding fully to what you are gifted. Amy will guide you through exercises that will help you become more invested in your scene partner(s), which will lead to more juicy and yes… interesting… scenes. You will practice letting go, noticing … Read More

San Diego Favorites “Skyjammer” Return!

Skyjammer, the popular improv rap troupe from Los Angeles, will join us September 23rd for a show that will leave you rapping and singing and laughing along! To witness the incredible, hilarious way they weave characters and music together on stage, mark your calendars for September 23rd at 9pm. Skyjammer is also bringing their improv rap style to a workshop on September 24th from 11-2pm. There are just a few spots left in the workshop. Snag them before they’re gone! Improv experience is necessary to join, but no musical experience is required. Join us! SKYJAMMER is longform improv plus rap plus thyme plus … Read More

From Podcast to Performer: It’s Tommie’s Community Spotlight!

  Tommie is one beautiful lady in charge! How did she sharpen her communication skills, become a better listener, and find her inner strength? With Improv of course! “My only regret about Improv is that I wish I would’ve found it sooner in my life.  The lessons that I’m learning from scene work that can be applied to my personal life is invaluable.  If anyone out there identifies with being a workaholic or a perfectionist they should not think one minute longer if they need to enroll in a class!  DO IT NOW.” This gangsta rap-lovin’, red wine-drinkin’, Kansas-raised performer is … Read More

Laugh & Learn with Kitchen Closed!

On August 19th, Finest City Improv is proud to showcase the comedic stylings of Kitchen Closed. Hailing from the ioWest theatre,  Kitchen Closed is a comedic rap-hip hop troupe. Comedic. Rap. Hip-Hop. Troupe. All of those words are amazing separately — imagine them together!? The talented cas includes: Choni Francis, Keenan Montgomery, Jorge Berrios, Chris Trovador, John Ryan, Laci Mosley, Hughie Stone Fish. Due to popularity and this special appearance, we expect large crowds for their show, so make sure to get your tickets in advance! Learn with some of Los Angeles’ best! It doesn’t stop at a performance! Two of the cast members will … Read More

Say Yes! And…to Life with Community Spotlight Amir Razeghi

Amir is an amazing blessing to our community. An aero-engineer by day, Amir came to Finest City to have fun and meet new friends. What he found along the way was not just a community, but a family that helped him grow. “Every weekend, I find myself here at shows, and I get excited to come in and see familiar faces greet me,” he shares, “everyone here is family.” It’s easy to feel happy around Amir. With his open heart and warm smile, he quickly bonded with his classmates, and they still perform regularly together since their level 1 class. … Read More

Sketch-Prov: The Best of Both Worlds

What happens when you combine improvisation with sketch comedy? SKETCH-PROV, of course! Like a celebrity couple, these two beautiful forms can be blended into one stunning, paparazzi-baiting showpiece. Sketch-prov is the idea of creating sketch comedy using “re-improvisation.” It uses traditional improvisation as an idea generator, providing inspiration for unforgettable sketch scenes. Don’t expect to be huddled around a laptop desperate to fill a blank page. This is an on-your-feet, wholly interactive class, where everyone gets involved in the fun. Here at FCI, we’re offering a 3-part sketch-prov series!  Under the guidance of Assistant Artistic Director Jesse Suphan, you’ll learn how … Read More

No Time for Improv? We Make It Easy to Join Us!

One of the most common questions we get at Finest City Improv is “How can I join if I am unable to commit to a seven week class?” We are proud to announce our newest offering, perfect for busy individuals who may travel a lot for work or pleasure. In one weekend, students can train with master Level 1 instructor, Kat Brown to learn the same fundamentals taught in our seven week course. Some of the skills taught include: 1. Stage presence 2. “Yes! And…” thinking 3. Confidence in presentation 4. Adaptability and spontaneity in the moment 5. Heightened listening … Read More

Feel the vibes with July Community Spotlight: Jessica Farber!

Jessica is one of the most kind, down to earth, and kinetic people that we could have ever asked to join our community. One night after visiting her dad at the Lafayette Hotel, she noticed Finest City Improv’s sign and considered it a literal one from the universe to get into a class here. She signed up that night on the spot! She has completed all core classes, Conservatory, musical improv, and clowning. She is also one of 2017’s newest coaches. Improv for her is part of a spiritual journey, helping her continue to grow, and meet people that support … Read More

Introducing 2017’s Newest Improv Team Coaches

And no team would be complete without a coach to help guide the vision, talent, time, and form of our many House and Indie teams. Over the course of two intensive workshops, master instructors Tommy Galan and Kat Brown shared the fundamentals and applicable skills with 18 dedicated performers who now have gained the FCI stamp of coaching approval and are waiting to coach your team! Congratulations to our skilled new coaches. If your team is interested in being coached by any of our cohort, please email and we will connect you!   Chad Makings, the Relationships Coach–Chad has … Read More