Every Saturday, our professional improv comedians invite a San Diego personality, business owner, or someone that just makes us laugh, to tell their stories. We use these stories as inspiration to improvise a series of comedy scenes to take a journey to hilarious places. It’s getting to know you, mixed with “I never should have asked!”

Upcoming Shows

Be our Special guest!

What’s it like to be a guest? We treat you like royalty without the crown and paparazzi! We’ll come out on the stage, then do a BIG introduction of YOU! We sit you down, ask you some questions and then seat you in our audience while we improvise your life. And we repeat that until the audience and YOU are laughing your heads off!

This is a GREAT way to have a fun night out with your friends and family. If you’re in business, who knows who is in the audience, it’s a chance to showcase all that is YOU!

If selected, you’ll get 2 free tickets to the show for your guests. Best of all, you’ll have a new found family to make fun of!