A Community of Comedy with Pride

The Evolution of the IMPRIDE Comedy Festival and LGBTQ+ Inclusiveness in San Diego Comedy By Jesse Suphan Eight years ago, I was living on the east coast performing standup comedy. I started to become mildly successful in the New England area performing regularly at places like Big Tim’s Giggle Factory … Read More

Impride Workshop! Gender Blender with Betse Green!

Gender is a construct: so let’s get constructive! With an emphasis on finding authenticity through subject matter often lost in stereotypes, we will utilize playful exercises to break from the binaries that bind and draw strong, meaningful connections to the gender identities in your life, both in and out of … Read More

Impride Workshop! Yoga for Improvisers with Justin Condon!

Festivals, especially PRIDE festivals, especially IMPROV PRIDE festivals are a wild ride. It’s important to take some time to regroup, re-center, and breathe. That’s where Justin Condon comes in! Justin will be leading Yoga for Improvisers, a special event just for performers and attendees of Impride. Mindful awareness is at … Read More

Impride Workshop! MONO: One Scene, No Kissing with Tim Paul!

Is there anything scarier than stepping on stage with NOTHING and making SOMETHING? What if … you couldn’t edit? Scary. But that’s what a monoscene is all about! And Tim Paul will guide you through the fear to create an interesting set without relying on edits to save you. In … Read More

Impride Workshop! Be All You Can Be with Celeste Pechous!

As improvisors, our greatest asset is our own unique voice. That voice is what contributes to the team. But how do you work on that? Don’t worry! Celeste Pechous has you covered. In this workshop, we will focus on each player’s idiosyncrasies and what “tone and uniqueness” they bring to … Read More

Impride Workshop! The Supporting Roles with Celeste Pechous!

We’ve all been there: standing on stage, playing in the background while our other team members take the lead. You wonder… am I necessary? Should I be out here? The answer is YES! And the incredible Celeste Pechous is going to help you learn WHY with her workshop, “The Supporting … Read More

Impride Workshop! Character Crash Course with Nick Condon!

Strong character choices can take your improv scene to the next level. Luckily, Nick Condon will be here to help you develop this skill! Whether you’re looking to grow beyond your stock characters, or don’t yet know who your stock characters are, this course will help break through and heighten … Read More