Impride Workshop! Follow Your Feet/Follow the Fun with Nick Condon!

Overthinking is an improviser’s worst enemy. Once you get in your head, sometimes it feels like there’s no getting out of it. But Nick Condon has it figured out!

With his workshop, “Follow Your Feet/Follow the Fun,” Nick will help you get on your toes, into your body, and out of your head. Discover the tools to trust yourself, your ensemble, and your scene partner, moment by moment. Learn to stop worrying about where the scene is going and simply be in it.

If your feet are moving already, you better follow through and reserve your spot! Nick’s workshop will take place on Saturday, July 7th at 1:30pm.

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About the Instructor: Nick Condon has been performing improv over two decades and teaching and coaching for over fifteen years. He grew up in Minneapolis with ComedySportz and The Brave New Workshop and since then has traveled the country teaching and performing. After running his own troupe in Alaska,Iditaprov, he moved to Portland,OR last year to join Curious Comedy Theater. Here in Portland he performs, coaches and teaches at Curious Comedy, Oregon Children’s Theater and coaches several Indy teams. He is currently a cast member of Battleax, Showdown, Pipes: The improvised musical, The Nancy Boys Mysteries, and Solitaire: The one man one act play. “Thank you so much for coming out!!! Everyone, including ourselves, had so much fun and are still talking about the exercises you took us through.” – Muse Storytelling “This was a great experience, my only recommendation is that you bring him back for more.” – DiscoverOrg “We heard many comments from our guests about how hard they laughed and how much they enjoyed the show. It’s a real credit to Nick and all the performers to deliver on that.” – Portland Seed Fund

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