Burlesque?! Rock Music?! Ghosts?! No topic is off limits this Friday!

Our “World According To…” guest of honor, Jaye MacAskill will have plenty to talk about this Friday night at 8pm at Finest City Improv!

Jaye has been a San Diego resident for 11 years, hailing from Canada by way of Brooklyn, New York. Her accomplishments include (but are not limited to!) being a historic preservationist, a real estate agent, a rock musician and a burlesque history expert!

Taking risks starts by saying “yes!”

You and I have some things in common. For starters, we have dreams and goals and the drive to make them into our realities. But we don’t stop there. We not only want to live up to our high expectations, we want to accomplish them all with grace and courage and strength.

And I want you to know, I believe it is possible. And learning improv can help you.

When I set out to accomplish my life’s dreams, I had my plan and my course of action. But, spoiler alert, my plans changed.

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Our Story

Early one Saturday morning while driving from San Diego to Los Angeles for improv, it suddenly dawned on Amy… “Why am I making this long trip to another city to learn and perform improvisation? Shouldn’t San Diego have a place where people from all walks of life, all ages, and all levels of experience come together to laugh, learn and perform?”

Coming This Friday To FCI: Radio Personality, Tommy Hough!!

Radio personality, Tommy Hough will be on the Finest City Stage with the “World According To…” THIS FRIDAY, JULY 18th AT 8PM!

Tommy Hough is best known to San Diegans from his 10 years on the air at FM 94/9 from 2002 to 2012, where he not only co-hosted and produced mornings, but later served as afternoon host and Public Affairs Director.

The FCI Podcast Presents: Second City’s Ron West!

Second City alumnus, Ron West, talks with FCI podcast hosts, Tommy Galan and Dino Spezzini, about being on “Whose Line Is It Anyway”, what he would be doing if he weren’t acting, writing, and directing, and his upcoming workshop at the Finest City Improv theater on July 12th and 13th! Just press play…