The Biggest Thing in Comedy this Sunday at Finest City Improv!

This Sunday, August 10th Finest City Improv welcomes one super sized group to our stage that is not be missed. Husky is the brainchild of our friend Chris ‘Jazz’ Colthurst. While watching an improv show he whispered to fellow improviser Jason Casey, “Wouldn’t it be fun to make a group with Dan Venti, Christopher George and Casey Lawrence?”  The rest is pure magic. These teddy bears present a brand of improv comedy that is fun, energetic, intelligent and BIG!

You don’t want to miss the biggest thing in comedy do you? Then join us this Sunday, August 10th @ 8pm for our Sunday Fun Day! The guys of Husky will be joined by Greenhorn, our student showcase, T&A, an unforgettable duo-prov, and Rosita Stone, Finest City Improv’s exclusive all Spanish improv set.

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