We’re doing something magnificent this summer! Are you?

Finest City Improv presents: “Some Magnificent Thing!”a San Diego centric sketch comedy review!

What happens when a consulting company gets paid 4 million dollars to make the best sketch comedy show ever?

You get, “Some Magnificent Thing!”  (no one was actually paid)

Through improvisation, Finest City Improv has created an irreverent, socially charged romp through some of San Diego’s beloved landscapes.

Starting on July 12th and playing every Saturday through August 23rd, “Some Magnificent Thing!” hits the Finest City Improv stage at 8pm. Co-Directed by Second City Alumnus George Caleodis and Finest City Improv’s Artistic Director, Amy Lisewski.  Musical accompaniment by Joe Huppert.

Cast: Chris George, Kat Brown, Simon Pond, Gwenn Olive, Christine Fairfax, and Chris Okerstrom.

Material created by the cast.  Additional writers:  Dino Spezzini & Chris Colthurst.

Tickets are only $10 and can be purchased online or at the door!

If you loved Second City’s “The Good, The Bad, and The I-5” at the La Jolla Playhouse last summer you will especially love SOME MAGNIFICENT THING!


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