FCI House Team, Red Squared, Takes the Stage

Did you know that here at Finest City Improv we have an exceptional ensemble of performers who play on our house teams? These teams are a part of our crew – they’ve participated in our training program, they rehearse here in our theatre and classroom spaces, and they are dedicated members of the San Diego improv community!

Only 1 More Chance To Do Something Magnificent!

Finest City Improv has added more magnificence! Some Magnificent Thing extended through August 30th.

What happens when a consulting company gets paid 4 million dollars to make the best sketch comedy show ever? You get, “Some Magnificent Thing!” (no one was actually paid) Through improvisation, Finest City Improv has created an irreverent, socially charged romp through some of San Diego’s beloved landscapes.

Burlesque?! Rock Music?! Ghosts?! No topic is off limits this Friday!

Our “World According To…” guest of honor, Jaye MacAskill will have plenty to talk about this Friday night at 8pm at Finest City Improv!

Jaye has been a San Diego resident for 11 years, hailing from Canada by way of Brooklyn, New York. Her accomplishments include (but are not limited to!) being a historic preservationist, a real estate agent, a rock musician and a burlesque history expert!

Taking risks starts by saying “yes!”

You and I have some things in common. For starters, we have dreams and goals and the drive to make them into our realities. But we don’t stop there. We not only want to live up to our high expectations, we want to accomplish them all with grace and courage and strength.

And I want you to know, I believe it is possible. And learning improv can help you.

When I set out to accomplish my life’s dreams, I had my plan and my course of action. But, spoiler alert, my plans changed.

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