Why Keep Learning?

Kat Brown, Community Manager of Training shares why it is so vital for improv performers to keep training and enjoying classes.

Ready to have more fun and make new friends?

I thought it was going to be about making up funny skits. I had no idea that taking improv would actually impact other areas of my life. It has taught me to “Say YES!” to more things, to listen more, allow there to be silence (even though that is SO awkward!), and that making a mistake can actually be an opportunity for something awesome. I even used my improv skills to get a promotion at my company (in clinical research as a trainer). So that just shows you that improv can be applied to any field of work. And making awesome friends has been an added bonus!”

Our Story

Early one Saturday morning while driving from San Diego to Los Angeles for improv, it suddenly dawned on Amy… “Why am I making this long trip to another city to learn and perform improvisation? Shouldn’t San Diego have a place where people from all walks of life, all ages, and all levels of experience come together to laugh, learn and perform?”

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Our next term of classes begins right after the Fourth of July holiday.  Register by June 8th to save $20 on your tuition.  This term we are offering two Level One sections, Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.  Come play and laugh with us!