Ready to have more fun and make new friends?

Our Level 1 improv class is designed to invite more creativity, spontaneity, and fun into your life.

It’s a super fun class designed for anyone new to improv OR for anyone who has experience elsewhere but is new to our Improv Series.  Play improvisation exercises and create hilarious 2-person scenes in a safe and friendly  atmosphere. Collaborate with others, gain confidence, stay in the moment, and think on your feet.  Learn to say “Yes!, and…” both in the classroom and in your daily life!

Check out what student Heather Larrabee said about her FCI experience:

“I started taking classes at Finest City without ever having seen an improv show before. I wanted a new hobby and some friends were trying to get me to do stand-up. Having no desire to write jokes and be center stage, I decided to do improv instead. I had no idea what to expect. The only reference point I had for improv was Saturday Night Live. I thought it was going to be about making up funny skits. I had no idea that taking improv would actually impact other areas of my life. It has taught me to “Say YES!” to more things, to listen more, allow there to be silence (even though that is SO awkward!), and that making a mistake can actually be an opportunity for something awesome. I even used my improv skills to get a promotion at my company (in clinical research as a trainer). So that just shows you that improv can be applied to any field of work. And making awesome friends has been an added bonus!”

Level 1 is a super fun 7-week introduction to the fundamentals of improvisation.  Spend 2-hours each week laughing and learning with an awesome group of people and a super supportive instructor!

Class begins October 27th and runs for 7 weeks, meeting every Monday for 2 hours.  This term is taught by the always hilarious Kat Brown!

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