Finest City Improv Presents: Improvising the Scene with Matt Young!

Finest City Improv is proud to present Opening Night’s own Matt Young as he teaches a class on improvising the scene. For many, what comes to mind when thinking about improv is just “being spontaneous”, but there is so much more to it! Matt will help students focus on focusing their spontaneity while still reacting and being true to the scene at hand. Included will be exercises in active listening, intention, proximity, emotional status, genre elements, and more. The workshop is designed to be helpful to all levels from beginner through advanced in a collaborative, supportive, safe and fun environment.

Matt began his improv career at SAK Theatre Comedy Lab in Orlando, Florida in 1990. He has since performed and taught all over the United States and Canada and was a founding member of the popular LA comedy group Houseful of Honkeys (featuring WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY’s Wayne Brady and Jonathan Mangum). While at the National Comedy Theatre in Hollywood, Matt co-created the long-running improvised teen drama “The High” and the Harry Potter parody improv show “Charlie Presto & the Magical Academy of Mystery and Sorcery.” Matt has appeared in over fifty television commercials and can be seen on episodes of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, WITHOUT A TRACE, and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. He and fellow Opening Night: The Improvised Musical! cast member Mark McConville perform regularly with their bluegrass band The Dust Bowl Cavaliers.

Register for class Sunday, October 12th from 11-2.

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