See The World According To…! This January!

Have you seen our house team The World According To…! in action? The cast performs every Friday night at 8PM and they are fantastic! This team, featuring some of Finest City Improv’s most senior ensemble members, always presents a hilarious performance. The World According To…! is a show based off of the improv form called The Armando. In this form, a special guest is invited to join the cast nightly. This guest tells a series of totally truthful stories that are then used an inspiration for an improvised montage.

Our Armando performance, The World According To…!, features some of San Diego’s most notable personalities. You’ll see their stories played out like you’ve never seen before! In January we welcome live musicians, authors, arts administrators and even a Finest City Improv student! You don’t want to miss this stand out guests! What stories do they have to share? You’ll have to attend our performances to find out!

And as an added bonus, each performance of The World According To…! begins with 25 minutes of improv from a fabulous guest team! 

Catch The World According To…! every Friday night at 8PM at Finest City Improv! 

Learn more and purchase tickets at

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