The World According To…Shawn Roop!

Each week our House Team The World According To…! invites a special guest to join them on stage. The team performs a style of improv called the Armando in which the honest-to-goodness, truthful stories told by our special guest influence a hilarious montage of scenes performed by the cast.

On Friday, February 13 we invite Shawn Roop, Master Tantric Counsler and Founder of Tantra Quest!

Shawn has offered classes, events, products and personal counseling based in Tantric wisdom since 2000. He offers ancient teachings in a contemporary path to living a life will lived. His work provides life, relationship, and communication skills, and also shares keys that unlock your personal potential which allows for the safety to enter into deep relating. Shawn enjoys teaching creative ways to love, relate, grow and express in ways that are fresh and non-typical. His focus is to help people find their souls purpose with Tantra.

What a way to kick off your Valentine’s Day weekend! 

See The World According To…! every Friday @ 8 p.m. at Finest City Improv! The performance always begins with 30 minutes of improv. See the team Pick & Roll on Friday, February 13.

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