Learn the Secrets of the “Yes! And…” Sisterhood

Are you a female identified improviser? Want to work out your muscles in a safe and supportive environment? This class is for you! Each week, you will meet with a different kickass female teacher to deliver to you what they find special and unique about being a lady on stage. We asked Natalie Guerra, currently enrolled in the elective her thoughts on being a female identified player: “Being a female improvisor means being limitless on stage. It means honoring myself, and the scene. I started improv a year ago; and I always hear people talking about how improv affected their … Read More

No Time for Improv? We Make It Easy to Join Us!

One of the most common questions we get at Finest City Improv is “How can I join if I am unable to commit to a seven week class?” We are proud to announce our newest offering, perfect for busy individuals who may travel a lot for work or pleasure. In one weekend, students can train with master Level 1 instructor, Kat Brown to learn the same fundamentals taught in our seven week course. Some of the skills taught include: 1. Stage presence 2. “Yes! And…” thinking 3. Confidence in presentation 4. Adaptability and spontaneity in the moment 5. Heightened listening … Read More