Learn the Secrets of the “Yes! And…” Sisterhood

Are you a female identified improviser? Want to work out your muscles in a safe and supportive environment? This class is for you!

Each week, you will meet with a different kickass female teacher to deliver to you what they find special and unique about being a lady on stage.

We asked Natalie Guerra, currently enrolled in the elective her thoughts on being a female identified player:

“Being a female improvisor means being limitless on stage. It means honoring myself, and the scene. I started improv a year ago; and I always hear people talking about how improv affected their personal life. I kept looking for it in my own, yes, doing improv has brought so much fun in my life and I’ve met the best people but where am I yes and-ing more. It wasn’t until about a month ago when I realized the open improvisor I was evolving too; funny, ready to join, laugh … wasn’t something I felt comfortable being in the world. I think with the current climate of sad depressing goings on in the world, improv and developing into honest reactor, and a bold choice maker is how I can speak up,change,and inspire people … and make people laugh really hard while doing it. Because after all laughter is the most healing property. Being a female improvisor means being limitless on stage, and off!”

Your teachers are:
10/28—Jessica Farber
11/4—Amy Lisewski
11/11— Niki Kal
11/18—Vanessa Anton
11/25—Lauren Flynn
12/2—Kat Brown
12/9—Bridget Cavaiola

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About the Class: Open to all female-identified improvisers of all levels. Each week the teacher will be focused on delivering content that harnesses their unique improv abilities and will teach you some of their #ladystagesecrets.

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