5 Things You Can Expect in Your First Improv Class

My goal is always to help you have the best experience with improv both in class and out of class! Just getting started can be the hardest part, so I’ve written a quick overview of what you can expect from your first class. 1. Everyone is nervous. I promise.  The most important thing to know before your first class is that everyone, both introverts and extroverts, feel nervous their first time. Seriously. I have welcomed hundreds of students to their very first day of improv Level One, and I can say without a doubt that the energy at first is a mix of … Read More

Mistakes and Doubts

by Tommy Galan Even after 25 years of stage performance, I still feel like I screw up constantly. Being on a house team at Finest City only helps reinforce the feeling that I’m a fraud and any day now, they will figure me out. Before a recent Bicoastal show, Matt Harris and I looked at each other with only seconds before we took the stage and Matt said, “It never goes away, does it?” “Nope,” I said, as our music called us to our audience. The fear of failure, the nerves, the doubt and the fact that we will continue … Read More

Beginner’s Mind       

Bliss and fear are the two sides of the ignorance coin. On the one hand, there is a freedom to not knowing what comes next. It allows us to take on challenges we would otherwise talk ourselves out of. Most of us would never start the race if we knew at the beginning what we know at the end. At the same time, fear of the unknown can cripple us and prevent us from even showing up. Improvisers experience this feeling through every step of the journey: fear of our first class, uncertainty of our first show, anxiety of others’ … Read More