On a Mission to Find a Spring Fling for Michael Romero!

Every month, we invite someone totally sexy, totally sassy, and totally single to our stage in the hopes of finding love! We open the book of love and dive deep into their past, present, and future– all the way to their happily ever after!

On May 13th, we bring the mysterious Michael Romero to the stage to hear why someone who is THAT well dressed, THAT talented, and THAT good of a baker could even still be single?!  Laugh with us as we go through his life and predict his future (wedding bells, anyone??) in an evening of improvised comedy fun!

Love isn’t always as easy to follow as a recipe, so we will be showing:

Act 1: Why he’s still single!

Act 2: Help us find his match!

Act 3: We now declare you… “Happily-ish ever after-ish!”

Michael is a local improviser and financial consultant. He is a San Diego native (don’t even MENTION the Chargers) and an excellent chef in the kitchen. Impressive feats include becoming a new and proud homeowner, turning 30, and walking through the clouds in Costa Rica. He is FCI’s awesome Guest Team Liaison. You can also find him onstage performing for house team *Subject To Change, as well as Point of Passion at OTIC, and several indie teams, including Sinister MO, and My Bloody Valentine.  Excited?  Intrigued?  Come see the show to learn more about this ruggedly handsome improver!


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