It’s a love story with our Single Lady, JJ Barrows!

Do you believe in life after love? We sure hope that JJ does, as she makes her return to the FCI stage to find love, this time, on her terms!

Just like a good episode of the Bachelor, JJ Barrows was an audience volunteer that WON the heart of the crowd and was voted a perfect match in an earlier installment of A Single Lady.

Although cupid’s arrow didn’t stick then, JJ is now the star of her own show, and we are ready to open up the Book of Love for her to find her perfect man!

On June 3rd at 9pm, this southern raised, middle child of a preacher man, former flight attendant and current yoga goddess will be finding love, and perhaps wedding bells?!

JJ says that the greatest love story is when peanut butter met chocolate.
….but not everyone finds their match this easily, so we will be investigating:
Act 1: Why she’s still single!
Act 2: Help us find her match!
Act 3: We now declare you… “Happily-ish ever after-ish!”

JJ is a full time artist as well as manager at a yoga studio in Ocean Beach. Her (non-paid) hobbies include driving, surfing, gluten-free baking, stand up comedy, making YouTube videos and exploring the different sides of San Diego.

She is passionate about good story telling, both written and spoken. She loves laughing and using humor to connect with people. Also, get out your record player, this bombshell loves oldies music!
Fun fact about JJ: she once met George Jefferson on an escalator and he was literally movin’ on up.


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