It Takes Two!

Have you seen DUO-Prov at Finest City Improv? That’s improv featuring just two players. It can be quite challenging for the players, but when the right sparks fly it’s pure magic for audiences! Most two person teams simply perform a montage of several two person scenes, while other two person teams perform scenes with multiple characters all played by the same two actors! Either style is totally entertaining and very unique!

We have several fantastic duos that perform regularly at Finest City Improv. They include Bicoastal, The Bear & The Hare, Dickless Wizard, Mike & Chris, Pick & Roll, T&A and Sunny Side Down! You can catch many of these teams Friday or Saturdays nights at 8PM.

Find out when your favorite duo is performing by visiting

Create your own duo in our audience by attending our performances with a friend! Comedy is always best shared, and at $6-$10 a ticket you may even be able to pick up the tab!

Laugh with us every Thursday through Sunday! 

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