Finest City Improv presents: Advanced Musical Improv with Shulie Cowen!

Finest City Improv is proud to present Opening Night’s director Shulie Cowen as she teaches a class on Advanced Musical Improv. Ever wanted to learn how to create songs, dances and dialogue all on the spot? Then this class is not to be missed! The focus will be on taking your improvised songs to the next level with individualized attention on solos, duets and trios. Opening Night, The Improvised Musical! began in 1998 on the stage of the Improv Olympic, West – the west coast branch of the venerable Improv Olympic in Chicago and has performed over 700 musicals since!

Shulie has taught improv to kids, senior citizens, and everyone in between. She is a graduate of Northwestern University, a former member of The Second City National Touring Company, and a member of the original cast of the long running musical Schoolhouse Rock Live!. Shulie studied improv in Chicago at The Second City Training Center, The Annoyance Theatre and at Improv Olympic with Del Close. Shulie currently directs and performs in Opening Night: The Improvised Musical! every Friday at IO West in Los Angeles. Movie and television credits include Curb Your Enthusiasm, Factory, You Don’t Mess With The Zohan, How I Met Your Mother, and Reno 911!.

Register for class Saturday, October 11th from 3-5pm.

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