Electives: the Best Way to Continue your Improv Training

Acting, Clowning, and Singing, oh my! Finest City Improv is offering three electives for advance study for your summertime fun.

Electives are a great way to target a specific aspect of your performance or to dive into a specific division of improvisation. There is just so much to learn!  We are offering two classes that require previous study in that focus, as well as a beginner’s elective to learn all you need to know!


In Chris George’s Sing It! class, you will be focusing on the fundamentals of improvisational musical comedy. Learn how to not only make up the words and characters in the moment, but to find their song as well! We will especially be working on duos, solos, and group numbers with a comedic twist. Class runs on Saturdays from 12-2pm starting July 11th. Students must have finished level 2 before enrolling in this class! Click here to enroll now


With Jacob Bruce’s Advanced Acting for Improv, you will be focusing in on your commitment and character choices using professional acting techniques, script work, and exercises based in Stanislavsky and Anne Bogart. Class runs on Thursdays from 6-8pm beginning July 2nd. This class requires at least Acting for Improv as a prerequisite. Click here to enroll


With Tommy Galan’s Advanced clowning, there will be special emphasis on creating your clown character and bringing them to life in a real improvised clown show!  Class runs on Wednesdays from 7-9pm beginning July 1st. This class requires at least Clown for the Improviser as a prerequisite. Click here to enroll


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