Dive in for love with Daniell Hepting!

What happens when a social worker– mammal trainer — quilter– derby girl looks for love? Everyone has a great time!

On July 1st at 9pm, we bring Daniell Hepting to the stage, and she’s got treats in her pocket for the right man to do a trick!

This New Orleans gal is ready to laissez les bons temps roulette!

We will be putting on a parade to determine:

Act 1: Why she’s still single!
Act 2: Help us find her match!
Act 3: We now declare you… “Happily-ish ever after-ish!”


More about Daniell: She is originally from New Orleans but moved to Boston for school when she was 18. She lived there for 13 years before she moved to San Diego almost 10 years ago.  She worked as a social worker for two years after getting her Masters degree.  Then through a series of events, that led her to marine mammal training which she has been doing for the past 13 years.  

Her Hobbies include: roller skating (she used to play roller derby!), making non traditional quilts, making jam, and trying to make vegan dinners. 

What kind of man will be able to keep up with a gal that has been to 5 out of 7 continents, once tried out for teen Jeopardy, and is a member of a secret society?! Join us on Saturday to find out!


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