Cage Match Fantasy League

The wait has been long but it was worth it! The Cage Match is back and completely reimagined! Officially presenting… The Cage Match: Trio Tournament! The Tournament will take place every Friday in April at 10pm. Teams will be BRAND NEW trios competing for amazing prizes and GLORY! All the glory!

It’s not just the teams competing, it’s also YOU, the audience! We are doing a Cage Match FANTASY LEAGUE. Earn points and advance as your teams do! What prizes are on the line, you ask?

Winning Fantasy Leaguer:
Be the interview guest for our weekly show Found Family!
Get 5 comp tickets to that show!
A one night stay at the Lafayette Hotel and Swim Club!
A Finest City Improv Swag bag complete with t-shirt, journal, water bottle and MORE!
It’s a party just for you!

Winning Trio Team:
Friday night performance slots!
Championship album cover in lobby!
FCI Swag Bag!
Automatic Entry into the 2019 San Diego Improv Festival!

Here are the rules

Each week, come back to this post and fill out the form at the bottom. Select who you think will win that week among the competing teams. **There will also be bonus points for phrases said during shows. So make sure to see each show for an extra chance to win!**

Here are the teams competing
trio FL

Choose wisely! Come back after the first show to enter in the secret phrases!

Fantasy League Entry Form

Fantasy League Entry Form


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