Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes Attacks… The Wizard of Oz!

The gang of Rotten Tomatoes is going to be attacking the cinema classic, The Wizard of Oz! After seeing this show you’ll know you’re not in Kansas anymore! Be prepared to be swept away to the land of OZ redesigned by your suggestions. Will our Scarecrow get a new brain or maybe just graduate from ITT tech? Will Toto finally get out of that basket or will he get to get that beach-front property he’s been eyeing? Will Dorthy go back home to Kansas or will she get her act together and live in the castle of the witch she killed like we all would? Come see for yourself!

The show starts at 9pm on Saturday, June 9th!


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Like a blockbuster movie gone horribly wrong, Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes is a new improvised show that takes the movies you fondly remember and—with suggestions from you, our audience—then mutate and mangle them into hilarious abominations that would make M. Night Shyamalan say “I didn’t see that coming!” We’ll schmooze, we’ll laugh, we’ll soothe your issues. But we’ll also scar your children, so make sure to leave them at home.

Directed by Jesse Suphan, the cast will feature Kat Brown, Bridget Cavaiola John Boaz, Amber Largent, Erica Clermont, Cory Brin, Skyler Lee, Taylor Elliot, Angellyne De Perio, Stephen Bowers, and Randy Thomas!



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