Alternative Facts of Life offers laughable “lessons” about life in America today.

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Finest City Improv Presents a Satirical Look at Politics and Life

For a limited time engagement, FCI’s “General Assembly” invites San Diegans to explore the current political and social landscape with much needed laughter… and perhaps a few tears.

Opening Saturday March 18th and running for 6 consecutive Saturdays, this irreverent sketch comedy romps on both sides of the political line while taking the audience back to the groovy 70’s when seat belts were optional and smoking at a parent/teacher conference wasn’t frowned upon. Red Rover, Red Rover, send Nixon right over?

With comedic sketches, audience interaction, and songs satirizing politically charged family picnics, how dodgeball taught us to be “highly-functioning adults”, and even a tango about the American health care system called “Pre-existing Condition Tango”, the cast delivers a thought provoking and laughter filled 80 minute show.

The show features 5 of Finest City Improv’s veteran performers creating comedy revues as “The General Assembly” and includes Kat Brown, Jesse Suphan, John Boaz, Billie Vollmer, and Amber Largent. Directed by founder and Artistic Director Amy Lisewski. Musical direction by Joe Huppert. Technical direction by Joe Pena. Assistant Director Scott Trepper with one great addition by “his friend Kevin.”

The show runs on Saturdays at 9pm from March 18th through April 22nd. Tickets are $15.


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