General Assembly presents

alternative facts of life

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The General Assembly Comedy Collective invites you to turn up to Finest City Improv and TUNE OUT anything you need to beginning March 18th at Finest City Improv. #realinvite #fakepromise

We’re bringing back all of your favorite games of childhood to teach you what you’ll need to survive adulthood. Red Rover, Red Rover… send a new margarita right over! #realfun #fakegames

You’ll learn unvaluable lessons that are bigly important irregardless of your politicing!  #fakewords #realnothing

Find out why polar bears make great late night companions!
Learn why women should eat bologna on white bread!
Discover this one thing that all picnics explode with!



Created by The General Assembly (Amy Lisewski, Kat Brown, Jesse Suphan, Billie Vollmer, John Boaz, and Amber Largent)
Director: Amy Lisewski
Musical Director: Joe ‘Tek’ Huppert
Technical Director: Joe Pena
Assistant Writer: Scott Trepper