We've taken a vow… to make dating fun again!

All my single ladies… put your hands up!

Where are all of San Diego’s single ladies? On March 5 at 8 p.m., they can be found in our newest show, A Single Lady: Love in Three Acts.

At each month’s performance, we recruit a different, real-life San Diego single lady to share her dating experience with a crowd of strangers and embrace the role of being the only non-improviser on stage.

Finding a modern-day Prince Charming isn’t a fairy tale, but at least this show makes for a good story. While many may perceive San Diego single life as a sad story, we’re out to prove finding the one is a spontaneous and comical adventure

The show plays out in three acts: The Introduction, The Match and The Happily Ever After. The chosen single lady begins by unveiling her past relationships and reasons for living the solo life to get the show started. From there, the stage transforms into a modern version of a dating game where the bachelorette asks her faux bachelors questions to filter out her perfect match. Each performance promises to conclude in matrimony, whether it be tying the knot with a next door neighbor or a lifelong commitment to her Netflix account.

We vow only to make dating fun again.

This months’s “Single Lady” is Mia Bolton!

Mia is an account executive with Mixte Communications.  Her super powers really shine when on a longboard or a bike and her smile makes the sun shine brighter.  How is this woman still single?!


Kat Brown & Erica Clermont
Shawn “The Love Guru” Roop
Kendall Burdett
Hayden Harrower
Gary Ware
Dave Lesinski
Marc Shanahan
Jesse Suphan
Directed by Amy “must love sailing” Lisewski

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