Amy, direct from inside the Teacher’s Lounge

tales from the teacher's lounge

Founder and owner of Finest City Improv, Amy Lisewski was a recent guest on the podcast, “Tales from the Teacher’s Lounge.” A podcast dedicated to the art of teaching improv, host Lauren Morris delves deep into the world of teaching improv. Each week she talks to notable teachers of improv from … Read More

How to Have Awesome Improv Classes By Posing Great Debriefing Questions

(a.k.a. — Facilitating Productive Conversations for Critical Reflection) Improv classes are places of experiential learning. Instructors lead students through specific experiences and then facilitate reflections, or debriefs, on activities to build skills and knowledge*. This process, combined with watching and practicing improv, is the most effective way to empower improv students to … Read More