Summer Intensive with Nerdist School founder Ptolemy Slocum!

Ptolemy Slocum is the founder and director of the Nerdist School in LA. He has made something of a cottage industry, playing mental cases on HBO classics — first on The Sopranos and then The Wire. You may also know him from the movie Hitch, appearances on Veep, Fringe, How I Met Your Mother, Burn Notice, the upcoming HBO/Bad Robot series Westworld and just a TON of commercials. A member of, Neutrino, the famed improv team, Ptolemy has performed and taught improv for 15+ years, starting at the original UCBNY and moving on to help build NYC’s People’s Improv Theater and now the exiting new Nerdist School.

The Nerdist School improv philosophy focuses on solid acting first, then awareness of subtext, structure and tone, and then putting it all together with pure self-confidence/abandon.

You will go from absolute stillness to executing the hardest form known to man: Pure Form (improvising a brand new form while performing it) all in two days… thats right, two days. Good luck.


DATES:  August 22 and 23rd.  10-1 and 2-5 each day.  12 hours total!

TUITION:  $150

PREREQUISITES:  Completion of FCI Level 4 or graduates of other long-form improv schools.   If you have completed Level 1 you are eligible for our INTERMEDIATE SUMMER INTENSIVE!