She’s a Single Lady Looking for a Valentine — Meet Stacey Owens!

Ah, February. The time for amore. Hearts and flowers and fancy dinners. What a perfect time for… a wedding! (No pressure…)

This month’s Single Lady is Stacey Owens! She’s a Netflix-and-Chill kinda girl, with a great sense of humor. And she used to work at city hall … you guessed it… MARRYING PEOPLE.

Well now it’s her turn. During the show, we will find out:

ACT 1: Why she’s still single!

ACT 2: Who is her perfect match!

ACT 3: We now declare you “Happily-ish ever after-ish!”

Join us at 9pm on February 3rd to see how it all turns out!

PS — The way to Stacey’s heart? Wine, cheese, and chocolate.

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