Jesse’s “5 Musts” Checklist for the SD Improv Festival!

You’re going to be taking a lot of pictures and videos and you want to come correct with a proper hashtag presence. #SDIF2017 #SUNSOUTBUNSOUT #PBR #NEWBFF #SANDIEGOHASAMAZINGTACOS #THISAFTERPARTYWASINSANE
Our pool party is going to be a great place to show off your personality and political views via your swimsuit. Are you an activist for womens rights? Try an aquatic version of a 20th century suffragette! Do you love waffles? Try making an entire swim trunk out of waffles! You can swim and snack!
You know the one that Hermione wore in the movie Harry Potter that allowed her to go to all the classes that she wanted. This will allow you to go to all the workshops you want even if they are running at the same time!
You’re going to want to party hard and play hard! (Wait are those the same things?) After parties are no joking matter, find yourself a buddy that can make sure you get back to your hotel okay… and then marry them.
You are about to see 44 teams from all over the world perform and you are going to need to clear room in your heart for all of them. Meditate, drink herbal tea, do some yoga! Open your heart and let these 44 teams love you.

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