Student Rich Oceguera feels safe and encouraged to be who he really is.

We love to hear from our students and our community. Rich just makes us feel so good. From his joyful presence to his kind and thoughtful words, we’re kind of blushing.

In His Own Words

There’s a version of this guy that shows up here that I would like to see more often.

I’m Rich Oceguera and my business is called Rich Awakenings and I am a transformation catalyst.

My role in the Finest community is I am a proud level two student and just a huge, huge fan of the work that takes place here.

The teachers have been phenomenal and I’m super picky and really specific around teachers and who I want to be taught by. Probably to a fault. It speaks to a level and quality of education that’s available here.

To come into this place where I just get to be me, that comes from the people who run this business, right? It’s from the top down. There’s an overarching sense of safety and encouragement to take risks and to play and to just let myself be. And that is really important, that’s a big reason why I come back. It’s why I came back after level one. It’s why I’ll come back after level two.

Little by little the experiences of life that can make me feel jaded in some places are getting chipped away by coming in here and being able to just have fun.

I walk out of here feeling like “Oh my God. I love the people I get to play with. I love the teachers. I love the audience.”

Who doesn’t want more of that in their life?

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This article is part of the Community Spotlight Series highlighting our amazing students, teachers, and performers.

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