Randy Thomas

Randy is a native San Diegan and has been doing improv since 2009. He trained with Roar Theatre. He has also taken workshops with awesome instructors such as Holly Laurent, Drew Coolidge, and Craig Cackowski. He currently teaches upper level improv for FCI and plays on the Pro League Team as well as the House Team Willis!

What are your other hobbies?

Guitar, film, writing, Comics, Spider-Man 

If you weren’t doing improv where would you be?

watching Captain Marvel

What is your favorite improv scene you’ve been in?

Playing a couple who’s marriage is imploding at their anniversary party with Sergio Lopez in NES.

Who is your comedy idol?

Donald Glover, Will Smith, and Paul Rudd

10 Words or less what improv means to you.

Playing in its purest form. 

Where will you be in 10 Years?

Watching Captain Marvel 4

Anything else we should know?

When I was Older – Billie Eilish 🙌🏾