Level 1 Intensive: All the fun of a class in one weekend!

After incredible success last year, Finest City Improv is proud to host another Level 1 weekend intensive! It’s a jam-packed two days of training August 25th and 26th from 11am-4:30pm for you to get a chance to discover and play with us in a shortened amount of time. 

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What will this weekend be like?
We will be exploring the EXACT same curriculum that we offer in the seven week course with lots of opportunity for personal development and playtime. Some of the skills that we will explore include: the theory of  “YES! AND…” thinking, heightened listening, body language, presentational skills, character work, and yes– by the end of the weekend, you will be doing two person scenes just like your favorite comedians that you see on our stage!

Why I want to work with you:
Level 1 is truly a transformational and exciting experience. We heard time and time again that seven weeks is a hard weekly commitment for people to be able to make, so we crafted this class just for those who want all the benefits that improv can bring! 

Allow me to introduce myself:
As director of the training center at Finest City, my time is proudly spent engaging students, overseeing our curriculum, and crafting new offerings to bring more JOY to people’s lives. I have trained locally, as well as in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. Meet your level 1 teacher here!

I hope that we get to meet each other soon. Please let me know if I can help bring more JOY to your life. Click here to sign up now! 
Kat Brown is the Director of the Training Center at Finest City Improv. She is a level 1, 2 and musical teacher. When she’s not at the theatre, she can be seen riding around town on her Peugeot with her dog. Molly Shannon is her comedy idol.

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