Humans Being The Card Game – LIVE!

On Saturday, March 24th at 9pm, we’re ready to get our game on.

Joining us that night from Westside Comedy Theater will be Amey Goerlich. Amey is one of the creators of the hit game Humans Being Card Game. This home game brings the fun of improv right into your living room, by drawing cards for inspiration and letting hilarity ensue.

TableTop Gaming News says- “Humans Being proves improv comedy can be done successfully by anyone.” Now, we are going to prove it! We have assembled a team of experienced improvisers and they will go toe-to-toe with — audience members! Anyone will be able to participate in this amazingly fun game-turned-show! 6 to 8 audience members will be selected to play with our improvisers and it’ll be up to the audience to determine the winner!

Be a part of this totally unique experience and see just how good at improv YOU are!

Get Tickets! Humans Being The Card Game Show will be followed by a set from the improv team!

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