Giving Back One Backpack at a Time! with Alex Ordoubegian

Each week, Found Family interviews a special guest and then creates a show based on their lives. July 28th, Found Family is starring Alex Ordoubegian! Alex is very active in the San Diego community both as an HIV Test Counselor at the San Diego LGBT Center, as well as an ambassador for  the #BeTheGeneration campaign to end  HIV/AIDS within our generation. Alex is also on the board for a non-profit organization called Street Bundles that provides resources to the homeless population of San Diego.


Street Bundles is a grassroots organization that sprang from the desire to do something about the level of homelessness and need that we see on a daily basis. Each month the volunteers gather to make bags with food, clothing, personal hygiene products, and information to help that person find access to resources.

Wes Daniel, President and Founder of Street Bundles, gathered food, toiletries and other basic daily need items and divided them into individual packages. The idea was to keep the bags in the back of his car and distribute them when he saw someone in need.
After posting a few pictures on Facebook, the idea quickly caught on and a growing group of friends followed suit and made their own Bundles to distribute. That was followed by several people offering to purchase Bundles to distribute on their own.
Street Bundles now makes over one hundred bags per month and hopes to grow even more. To donate please follow the link below! Come see Alex star in the Found Family show July 28th at 8pm, and hear all about his work and his adventures!


A personal note included in each Street Bundle bag.-
“Dear Friend,
In a world where you are invisible to many, please know that we see you. In a world where people look down at you, we strive to look you in the eyes and extend a hand to you. In a world where you may experience anger or hostility, it is our goal to offer you respect and kindness. We know that you are someone’s child, parent, sibling, neighbor, or friend. We know that your circumstance today doesn’t define your life, your worth, or your tomorrow. The reason of why or how you are where you are is not ours to know or judge. Still the reality of your situation places a burden on our hearts to help you in some small way. We hope that the few necessities found in this Street Bundle will make your today a bit better than your yesterday. We hope that this Bundle reinforces your awareness that there are people who care about your well-being. Finally, may your tomorrows be better than your today and may your future bring you opportunity, health, and happiness.
Best Wishes,
The team at Street Bundles”

Alex’s fun facts!

1. Am a huge avid sports person! Both watching and playing (Huge Steelers Fan [football] and an avid Bowler/Softball player)
2. I take selfies with everyone, everywhere
3. I sit on the Executive Board of a non-profit called Street Bundles, Inc.
4. I work at the San Diego LGBT Community Center and am an HIV Test Counselor/#BeTheGeneration Ambassador
5. I am traveling to Amsterdam for Pride this year Aug 1st, 2018!
6. I’m living the bachelor life (single, ready to mingle) and proclaimed 2018 as “My Alex Year”



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