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By day, she is a powerhouse attorney and by night, Victoria finds her voice on stage. Although originally “terrified” of the idea of getting up and presenting, she fell in love with improv as a way to feel confident in her job.

She finds that both in law and improv, although historically male dominated, are quickly shifting to a place where women’s voices are supported and promoted.

Meet Victoria!

In Her Own Words:

I am currently a level 5 student at Finest City Improv. My improv journey started when I was in law school and I was entering my final semester and I realized I had this crippling fear of public speaking and I realized that I didn’t want to feel that way anymore. So I thought “How do I get over this?” I’ve always admired Improv from afar so I decided that I would step into that.

I think that improv naturally brings people together and forms these strong bonds because you’re so vulnerable with each other and you see each other each week and you’re building this connection and trust. And so I think friendships are very organic in the improv community.  And also outside of just my class, which I feel close with, you also begin to feel close with everyone in the community.

But one of the things I love being on an all female team is just this steadfast support.  I mean, I can get up there and do anything and I know that they’ll all have my back and I just really love being on an all-female team for that reason.

I think one way that improv has helped me in my career is to feel more confident in myself, even when I don’t know exactly where I’m going. Being in a profession that has been predominantly male dominated and I know that comedy has been similarly male dominated, I feel this community has really given me a place to learn how to express my voice and realize other people are listening and that I do hold this power. I just love it and I find that it’s this beautiful place of exploration and anything is possible.

One of the things that I love about improv is that as a performer I can be very supportive of all my scene partners and if you just really  listen hard and connect that’s all you really need.

I think my improv motto probably changes on a day to day basis but right now, today my improv motto is “Lean Into it.” So whatever choice you make don’t second guess it just do it and have a lot of fun with it. And if you think it was a weird choice just make it even weirder and bigger. Yeah.

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