Drunkards & Dragons with Stage Monkeys + Red Squared

Friday July 19, 2013 – Friday July 19, 2013

705 16th St.

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July 19 poster

Drunkards & Dragons is Fantasy-Inspired, role-playing improv show that is also a drinking game. A band of experienced fantasy-loving improv nerds perform a long-form improvised adventure based on audience suggestions and periodically involve the audience in 20-sided die rolls that determine various outcomes in their scenes. With each die roll, the audience shouts “HUZZAH!” and swallows a gulp of their drink launching the show into further debauchery as the hour charges on.

Often featuring Two Heroes and One Villain, Drunkards & Dragons lets the audience choose, the Race, Class, and Names of their main characters as well as the object of their mutual questing. From the main stage at I.O. West, across the corridors of gaming conventions, and through the dark annals of Nerdmelt and other fandom communities, Drunkards and Dragons brings the kind of fantastical improv show the likes of which most nerd-minds have always imagined.


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