Let creativity flow like Suzanne Bates

Suzanne’s infectious joy in the improv community is easily seen within moments of meeting her. Improv has opened up her creative flow and helped her be more open to inspiration in all forms of her life.

She recently moved to San Diego from Portland, Oregon, to chase her dreams of studying sunshine and cheering surfers. She came with a little bit of experience and a great big love for improv and has found her home here with her class and an all female team called “And She Was”.

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Suzanne Bates’ Community Spotlight from Finest City Improv on Vimeo.

In Her Words:

I am currently in Level III at Finest City Improv. I love Improv for so many reasons, I don’t even know where to start. The thing that keeps me coming back to Improv is that it helps me keep my creative juices flowing. If I get stuck writing, or I get stuck painting, or I get stuck in some other creative process, coming to Improv, and being in the classes, and interacting with the teachers and the other people here really opens up my creative flow.

At this point in my life, I know that getting myself to think outside the box makes all the difference in the world. Life becomes so routine, life becomes so mundane. The habits of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday become so settled. I love coming to Improv to just become a better person. Finest City Improv, this theater is really incredible in that they focus so much on building a community, and building a supportive community, and building a kind community, and building a helpful community where it’s safe to come and meet people, and it’s safe to come and not know where you’re going to fit in, and not know where you’re going to belong, because the community is going to totally embrace you.

Improv motto is to let everything go and be in the moment, and respond honestly and clearly to whatever is happening right now on the stage, or in the class, or on the camera. Just right now.

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