Cory Brin

Cory Brin hails originally from North East Pennsylvania, very close to Scranton. (Yes, the town where “The Office” is set.) He moved to San Diego in 2014 and a year later started taking classes at Finest City Improv, advancing all the way through the Conservatory program. He has the honor of being a part of FCI’s House Team “Willis” since late 2017 and currently plays on Space Force, Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes, Trivia Showdown with Cory and Sarah, and Are You Afraid of the Dark?

When not on stage, Cory works for GoFundMe, plays hockey, reviews escape rooms, plays drums, works at Haunted Houses, plays boards games, geocaches, and likes to write/create collaboratively. Being creative and making people laugh are his life.

Instagram: corybrin

Space Force Instagram: spaceforceimprov